Vinny Vincenz

Vinny Vincenz

Career Highlights

Win/Loss/Draw Record: 12-13-4
Total Matches: 29
Title History: None

Profile Info

Finisher: ???
Theme Song: Beastie Boys – “No Sleep Till Brooklyn”

Theme Songs

Career Summary

Originally known as Slayer, Vinny Vincenz joined WFA with room for much improvement and growth. Hoping to find his natural placement in WFA, he was given a rap gimmick by Jason Kross and became known as Slayer B. For a while, Slayer B would cut rap promos in the ring until he dropped the character and decided to become a more serious competitor.

He began battling superstars like Twilight, Soad and Tonkpils, which allowed him to expand his wrestling ability to the likes of many other versatile superstars in WFA. Slayer returned in 2005 for a short while but did not rise to great lengths within his small time as a superstar.

When the 2006 season began however, Slayer had become Vinny Vincenz and had developed a sense of pride for his Italian heritage. He began pumping up the crowd with chants of “Italia” and was able to help Tonkpils return in time for Wrestlefest IV. At Wrestlefest IV, Vinny Vincenz opened up the show with Draven and together they put on a memorable contest of athleticism and ability.

In 2008 Vinny Vincenz came back tougher and ready to fight hard in WFA. Eventually becoming Vinny VC, he ripped through opponents like Elmo Red and proved to the world that he was indeed hXc.

Career History

05: Turmoil Slayer B In-Ring Segment
05: Turmoil Impact vs. Slayer