Career Highlights

Win/Loss/Draw Record: 2-2-1
Total Matches: 5
Title History: None

Profile Info

Finisher: Swanton Bomb
Theme Song: Hardy Boyz – “Live For The Moment”

Theme Songs

Career Summary

Creating his name based on his favorite band, Slipknot, and developing his wrestling style on his favorite wrestler Jeff Hardy, Tonkpils brought an interesting new feel to WFA in 2004. After being compared to Twilight for having similar styles of wrestling, they competed in a match against one another which slowly evolved into a long standing feud between the two of them.

Tonkpils later on got involved with other WFA superstars like Vinny Vincenz and Soad. Together those four superstars battled throughout the year and delivered many memorable hardcore four way matches. In 2006 Tonkpils once again raised controversy when he returned, having lots of people comparing Tonk’s style to that of current superstar Mike Hardy.

Tonkpils went on to compete against Mike Hardy and Oz in a triple threat number one contender’s match for the WFA World Title at Wrestlefest IV. After the match up Tonkpils had shook hands with Mike Hardy after a hard fought match and a proud demonstration of their love for the extreme.

Career History

05: Royal Park Rumble Royal Park Rumble Highlight Video
12: Shockwave Slick Rick vs. S.O.A.D. vs. Tonkpils
13: Turmoil Sinister vs. Tonkpils
13: Turmoil Crazy Oz vs. Twilight (Tonkpils Interferes)
14: Unfinished Business Twilight vs. Tonkpils