Sean Sation

Sean Sation

Career Highlights

Win/Loss/Draw Record: 12-4-1
Total Matches: 16
Title History: WFA Heavyweight Champion, WFA Brooklyn Hardcore Champion (2x)

Profile Info

Finisher: Sean End
Theme Song: Fear Factory – “Edgecrusher”

Theme Songs

Career Summary

Although there is much controversy surrounding Sean Sation, he is without a doubt a legend in WFA. He established WFA in early 2004 but being the owner of the business drew hate from the crowd. He decided to align himself with Crazy Fist and together they were one of the most unique pairings to grace WFA. Sean also went on to fight Stir Crazy at Wrestlefest II.

In 2005, Sean Sation worked hard to continue establishing his legacy in WFA, but being associated with Jason Kross in any way immediately diminished him in the eyes of the fans. At Wrestlefest III, Sean Sation competed against Sinister in a hardcore match for the Brooklyn Hardcore title and came out the winning the title for the third time.

Walking into the New Year as the champion, Sean Sation had denied to work with Impact and chose to follow his own set of rules involving storyline. After much controversy over the direction that the federation was going, Sean Sation felt that it was time to retire from WFA while he was still Brooklyn Hardcore champion.

In 2009, Sean began his cryptic return to WFA, claiming he was the REAL Brooklyn Hardcore champion and challenging Jesse West along the way. In the end, Sean faded away from WFA once again, trapped in his own reality far far away from what was really real.

Career History