Joey Spade

Joey Spade

Career Highlights

Win/Loss/Draw Record: 21-7-2
Total Matches: 30
Title History: WFA Brooklyn Hardcore Champion

Profile Info

Finisher: ???
Theme Song: As I Lay Dying – “Confined”
Shadow Falls – “Fury of the Storm”

Theme Songs

Career Summary

Arriving in 2005 along with the XSW Invasion, Joey Spade has shown everyone in WFA that he is silent, but deadly. Considering himself to be a hardcore individual, Joey Spade challenged Impact for the Brooklyn Hardcore title and came so close to being champion but didn’t quite reach that point.

He also faced off against Danny Draiman in what will be remembered as one of the best non-title hardcore singles matches in all of 2006, also failing to pick up the victory as well. This sparked a change in Joey, leading him to attack his former XSW members and others to begin thinking he was psycho.

Week after week he would heckle Patrick Blade during his matches by standing in the crowd interrupting him or sitting ringside, reading a newspaper and yelling at him. At Wrestlefest III, Joey Spade faced off against Patrick Blade and Alex Roulette to decide who would be the greatest superstar out of the XSW team to rise. Joey Spade won that match and in 2008, he plans on letting the rest of WFA know that.

By 2009, Joey had made a name for himself as a crazy, bike-riding, hardcore champion. Even rivaling Sean Sation during his brief return, however Joey proved to be one of, if not the most entertaining athlete to enter WFA.

Career History

00: Homecoming Joey Spade vs. Quarterz