Profile Info

Finishers: Enforcer’s Edge, Final Enforcement
Theme Song: H-Blockx – “I’ve Got The Power”

Career Highlights

Win/Loss/Draw Record: 26-9-2
Total Matches: 37
Title History: WFA Heavyweight Champion (2x), WFA Interborough Champion

Theme Songs

Career Summary

Enforcer debuted in 2004 as the leader of the Alliance and attacked the welcome messenger, Jesse West. He began to develop a hatred for Jesse West, which evolved into a year-long feud which came to a close at Wrestlefest II.

In 2005, Enforcer aligned himself with the owner Jason Kross and wrecked havoc in WFA. At the end of the year, Jason Kross was so fed up with Enforcer’s loss to Twilight at Wrestlefest III he decided to fire Enforcer and kick him out of WFA for good.

However, being kicked out of WFA was not enough to silence him. He returned in 2006 to deliver payback to Jason Kross and Sinister and he did just that by winning the Royal Park Rumble. As the number one contender to Sinister’s World Title, Enforcer walked into Wrestlefest IV and won the WFA title, which caused Jason Kross and Sinister to both be fired from the company.

In 2007 Enforcer returned to WFA faster, stronger and more dedicated than he was before, ready to take on all challengers. By 2008 Enforcer had set out to chase the Interborough Title and had developed a deep connection with Rinda. Having her by his side he was able to capture the title, only to turn on her shortly after.

Enforcer then went after Rinda’s family and poisoned Quarterz, leading up to him playing a “game” with Jesse West to win and steal the title from him. In the end Enforcer was defeated and balance was brought back to the force.

Career History

01: Shockwave Enforcer In-Ring Segment
Extra Enforcer Training Montage

01: Shockwave Danny Draiman vs. Enforcer
01: Shockwave Enforcer and Christian Ares Backstage Segment
02: Shockwave Enforcer and Christian Ares In-Ring Segment
02: Shockwave Enforcer vs. Joey Spade (Christian Ares Interferes)
03: Shockwave Christian Ares and Enforcer Backstage Segment
03: Shockwave Jesse West vs. Enforcer (Sean Sation Interferes)
04: Shockwave Enforcer vs. Patrick Blade
05: Unfinished Business Enforcer vs. Christian Ares
05: Unfinished Business Enforcer and Rinda Backstage Segment
06: Shockwave Enforcer and Rinda Backstage Segment
06: Shockwave Impact vs. Enforcer
07: Shockwave Cozz vs. Enforcer
07: Shockwave Enforcer and Rinda Backstage Segment
08: Shockwave Alex Roulette vs. Enforcer
08: Shockwave Enforcer, Rinda, Rob Jenkins and Joey Baguhdonuts Backstage Segment
09: Shockwave Enforcer, Rinda and Kristin Backstage Segment
09: Shockwave Caution and Enforcer w/ Rinda Blade In-Ring Promo
10: Dark Tomorrow Caution vs. Enforcer (Impact Fires Caution)
10: Dark Tomorrow Enforcer and Rinda Backstage Segment
11: Shockwave Enforcer, Sinister and Rinda Blade Backstage Segment
11: Shockwave Patrick Blade and Sinister vs. Enforcer and Quarterz
12: Shockwave Enforcer and Sinister Backstage Segment
12: Shockwave Patrick Blade vs. Enforcer w/ Rinda
13: Shockwave RPR Entrant #6: Enforcer
13: Shockwave Enforcer, Rinda, Sinister and Patrick Blade Backstage Segment
14: Shockwave Enforcer and Rinda Backstage Segment
14: Shockwave Enforcer, Quarterz and Rinda Backstage Segment
15: Shockwave Enforcer, Rinda and Sinister In-Ring Segment (Enforcer Turns on Rinda)
16: Shockwave Enforcer and Quarterz In-Ring Segment
16: Shockwave Twiztid vs. Enforcer
17: Shockwave Enforcer and Quarterz Backstage Segment
17: Shockwave Quarterz vs. Joey Spade and Enforcer
17: Shockwave Quarterz vs. Joey Spade and Enforcer (continued)
18: Shockwave Quarterz vs. Enforcer
18: Shockwave Quarterz vs. Enforcer (continued)
19: Shockwave Renegade vs. Enforcer
20: Shockwave Jesse West and Enforcer In-Ring Segment
21: Shockwave Danny Draiman vs. Mike Hardy vs. Enforcer
22: Wrestlefest VI Jesse West vs. Enforcer